About Lindt

Lindt, a global leader in the premium chocolate sector, carries a rich legacy stemming from its origins in Zurich, Switzerland. With a dedication to quality and a passion for the art of chocolate-making, Lindt has established itself as an iconic name in the industry.

Today, Lindt’s commitment to crafting exceptional chocolate is manifested across 12 of its own production facilities in Europe and the USA. These delectable creations reach discerning palates worldwide through an extensive network. With 32 subsidiary companies and branch offices, along with more than 100 independent distributors, Lindt’s chocolates are savored in over 120 countries.

Lindt’s portfolio boasts an array of beloved creations, including the iconic LINDOR truffle and the charming Lindt GOLD BUNNY. Each product reflects Lindt’s unwavering dedication to Swiss quality and craftsmanship. With over 14,600 dedicated employees, Lindt Group reported remarkable sales of CHF 4.97 billion in 2022. Discover Lindt, where passion meets perfection, and savor the essence of Swiss chocolate-making at its finest.

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